The End of Affluence, a recent book fosters a gloom about future incomes and job opportunities. Clearly, national economies are undergoing rapid and often wrenching transformations. Two forces underlie the dramatic changes. One is globalization, the explosive growth of global trade and international competition. No country can remain isolated from the world economy.

About Us

The other force is technological change. From the beginning of 90's the world witnessed remarkable advances in the availability of information and speed of communication; in new materials; in biogenetic advances and drugs; in electronic marvels.

New ones are replacing old businesses. Companies are operating in a Darwinian marketplace where the principle of natural selection is: survival of the fittest.

In such a scenario came HK Net Solutions. (HKNS),a web solutions company that thinks globally and acts locally.

HK Net Solutions. (HKNS) took birth in Dec, 1999 from the ideas of few hardcore, experienced IT-Professionals having years of experience in software development, networking, training and management.

As a TEAM we always try to provide cost-effective and best quality solutions for 'DotCom', E-Business and Tele-communication. We can provide a complete web solution or add features to your existing Internet solutions.

In addition to software development, HKNS also provides BPO-Services, Training and contract-staffing services to suit clients need. We supply technologists, team and experts ready to meet present business challenges.


HKNS has got 3700 Square feet office space. It has got fully equipped machine rooms with 70 networked workstations. It has two Linux-Server and 24-hrs power backup. It has got high speed Internet connection. It has also got its own library having good collection of books.