IT-Training Networking

We believe in cutting down the hardware cost, relying on networking and using the available resource maximum - means MAXIUM utilization of MINIMUM resources. Hence Networking is one of the major fields of HKNS. Networking area comprises LAN, WAN, MAN, Intranet and Internet. HKNS provides networking for both small as well as big corporate companies. We don't only help our clients in data management but also help them to transfer/receive data in shortest duration of time by providing them networking facilities.

Our area of specialization in the field of networking

Networking with Linux:

Linux the networking/desktop Operating system - the area where, we not only do the networking, but even give support as well as do miracles like installing full-fledged diskless workstations which has got a number of benefits over the workstations having Hard-Disk.

The following are benefits of using HKNS computers -

  • HKNS Linux computers can run BOTH MS Windows 95/NT and linux programs.
  • Total cost of ownership is very low in case of HKNS computers. Total cost of ownership is cost of initial purchasing + cost of maintenance. The cost of maintenance is usually 3 to 5 times the cost of initial computer purchase and this cost is recurring year after year. In case of HKNS computers, the cost of maintenance is completely eliminated!!
  • All the backups are centralized at one single main server.
  • More security of data as it is located at server.
  • No need of UPS battery, air-conditioning, dust proof environment for HKNS client-computer, only server needs UPS battery, A/C and dust proof environment.
  • Noise is completely eliminated since HKNS computer does not have Fan motor and local harddisk. Even our server does not make noise but it has to be housed in a dust proof environment.
  • Protection from Virus attack - Computer virus cannot attack HKNS computers, as they do not have any hard disk. Virus cannot do any damage to HKNS computers. Only one single server box need to be protected against virus attack. This saves huge currency for the company by avoiding installation of vaccines and cleaning the hard disks!!
  • Server can have large powerful/high performance hard disks, can optimize the usage of disk space via sharing by many HKNS computer users. Fault tolerance of hard disk failure is possible by using RAID on main server.
  • Server can have 64 bit CPU SMP box having many CPUs or even linux super-computers. Many HKNS computer users can share CPU power.
  • Sharing of central server RAM memory by many HKNS computer users. For example, if many users are using web browser than at server RAM there will be only one copy of web browser in the RAM. In case Windows 95 PCs, many users need to have individual copy of web browser in local RAM and hence there is wastage of RAM space.
  • HKNS computers are extremely fast because program loading time is completely eliminated. For example, if the server loads the StarOffice suite into memory due to request from one HKNS user then if another HKNS user wants to use the StarOffice suite then loading time is avoided since StarOffice is already loaded.
  • HKNS linux computers can run programs on multiple servers using the "xhost" and DISPLAY environment.
  • Very few system administrators required to maintain central server unlike Windows 95 PC clients, which need many administrators.
  • Zero administration at HKNS client side. HKNS computers are absolutely maintenance free and trouble free.
  • Eliminates install/upgrade of hardware, software on HKNS client side.
  • Eliminates cost of CD-ROM, floppy, tape drive, modem, UPS battery, Printer parallel ports, serial ports etc..
  • Can operate in places like factory floor where a hard disk might be too fragile.
  • There is no need to do proper shutdown to HKNS computers. Just switch it off!!!
  • Even problems at the server end at your office can be sorted out here at our end. It saves your computer down time.