Software Development

Software Development Methodology
Software Development.

HKNS development branch provides projects development services for both local as well as offshore clients. As a TEAM we provide cost-effective and best quality solutions for 'DotCom', E-Business, Tele-communication as well as data-application. HKNS provide a complete web solution or add features to existing Internet solutions.

  • E-Technology

    E-business and E-commerce solutions : our web development teams can be used to deliver completely new solutions or augment the existing ones'. We have build in past various customized web sites for clients, in and outside India.

    PHP3, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, Java, EJB, XML, Technology solutions: we also expertise in PHP3, ASP, XML, VB Script, JavaScript, Java, EJB solutions. We have been using all the popular translators and mapping software in high transaction volume environment. XML is the newest arrow in our bow, which helps in bridging the gap between traditional EDI and the web.

    WAP (Wireless Application Protocol): We always try to keep ourselves in the driver seat with adapting the new technologies. The fastest the communication media is linked to the Internet the easy information will be transferred.


    Our team is dedicated to make a control that can be fitted on your fingertip They are expertise in VB and VC++(ATL)

    Database APPLICATION:

    We strongly believe in storing the data and accessing the data as fastest as possible. Because every data is part of our life, faster the data recovery booms our growth, for this crucial work of data manipulation i.e.. Storing and recovering our team members are specialized in VB, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase to name a few.