Our Softwares

Year Planner

Purpose: This software was specially designed for executives who are very busy because of there appointments and don't know much about computer and the complex scheduler. This particular software is very easy to use because of its friendly interface. It is mainly used to plan whole day/week/month/year. It starts in startup of the computer and popup with the alarm at particular time when scheduled to remind, no matter on whatever software the person is working.

3-D Oval Command Button

Purpose: To have a Oval 3-D Command on forms. User can give there own label on the button.

Login ActiveX

Purpose: A dynamic graphical representation of login to a computer.

Multi-Control Grid

Purpose: It allows the programmer to have almost all-standard controls (ComboBox, ListBox, OptionButton, CheckBox, ImageBox etc.) on any block of the grid. This ActiveX has various in-built functions that allow the user to manipulate various row-wise/column-wise activities very easy. In comparison to Microsoft's MS FlexGrid, it allows almost 5 times more row/columns as well as coding is very easy. According to programmers choice it allows the user to make the text entry directly into the grid.


Purpose: It has almost buttons for almost all database activity (i.e. Add, Modify, Delete, Redo, Undo, First, Last, Next, Previous, Cut, Copy, Paste and Print) and hence the database programmer using this ActiveX saves his/her lots of time in making the toolbar. It even adjusts itself as per the screen resolution.

Code-Locking ActiveX

Purpose: This ActiveX allows the user to hide the code from the unauthorized user. It allows only that user to use the code that knows the password.

Digital-Marquee Control

Purpose: It gives the appearance of digital display of texts/numbers supplied to it.

System-Tray Control

Purpose: It allows the programmer to have there applications Icon in system-tray just by supplying the icon and making one property True/False